Does studying MBBS abroad is worthy

Many people find it funny but studying MBBS from a private institute is way more expensive than studying from any other country. MBBS in India is not that cheap and it is a myth that studying abroad will always cost you way more. The fees you have to pay are around 10 to 50 lacs to pursue MBBS abroad whereas the fees in a private college are around is above 25 lacs. 

Therefore the students have only two choices: either to prepare for entrance exams for the elite colleges/universities which are government-funded or the other choice is to go abroad for studies. The first option is the most difficult one out of two as the competition every year for the seat in a medical government college is increasing exponentially. The ratio for the students appearing for the exam to the seat available is around 100:1 or even worse.

If you are going for the second option one thing to know here is that every student must clear NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) exam in order to get a certificate of approval from the medical council of India for the Abroad MBBS studies. This is less hectic and less expensive to any private MBBS college in India because here you are assured of quality education which might not be a guarantee in these private institutes of India. 

The quality of education and student-life are two major things every student should look for and studying abroad colleges with good ranking is comparable to any government college/ university in India such as AIIMS. 

How You Can Research for Good International Institute for MBBS ?

Points to consider while choosing the country and institutes in the country

  • Modern technology and healthcare system advancement available in the country.
  • The education system and happy student life environment for the students.
  • Recognization by WHO (world health organization) and MCI approved universities only are favored because once you complete your MBBS course from an international university, you need to get through a screening test conducted by MCI in order to practice medicine in India you need to clear the test. 
  • Quality education is always a favorable factor while choosing a university.

Western countries are only not the option for the pursuing of MBBS course

We know the countries like USA, UK or Canada are the favorite education destination for most of the students who are from third world country but one thing you should know that the cost of living in these countries is way too much than a good university in India or any other country’s institute.

They also hold the bare restrictions of international students to study in their universities. With admission for an average middle class, the student has to take loans in order to stay there and complete the course because the fees are very high also you have to work part-time jobs in order to repay the loan.

So we have researched and obtained a list of countries best suitable for pursuing MBBS which provide quality education with low fees.

  1. Philippines
  2. Ukraine
  3. Russia
  4. Nepal
  5. China
  6. Kyrgyzstan
  7. Poland
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Germany
  10. Israel

Out of these countries, you can study MBBS in china for the best quality education system and faculties provided by the universities. Also to note that if you want to pursue MBBS in China you have to book a seat prior to the NEET exam because the filling of seats of Chinese universities is way fast than filling any other country’s university.

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