In this post i am going to show you how facebook tracks you even when you are not using the Facebook at that time. I will show you some of the very bizzare and weired facts about Facebook tracking.

How Facebook Tracks You?

If you are not aware how facebook tracking works, how much they tracks you, you will be totally surprised to know that Facebook keeps on tracking your every single activity even your not logged in to your facebook account or using your facebook, The first time when i come to know and saw about my own facebook account tracking , i was completely shocked for a few moment. It was very hard for me to believe that facebook tracks us this much.

When the very first time you install fthe acebook app and the facebook messanger app, and the moment you give the permission about your location, camera, phone, messages, contact/contact list, storage permission, and the moment you give the permission to your phone’s microphone, the game of facebook tracking begins from there.

You are not even aware of these creepy facebook tracking, from here you get trapped into facebook tracking game. Trust me most of you aren’t gonna belive it easily that facebook is taking this much information from you and your are not even properly aware that you are giving this much information to facebook about your personal life and private conversations and mesaages.

How Much Facebook Knows About You?

The most scarry and hard to belive part is that they record your every single conversation you make on your phone whether its call logs, messages, SMSes, chats, contacts list, your every single move where you are going where you are shopping, what kind of ads you like, how you interact with ads. the first time when i saw the facebook tracking on my own facebook account it was ver hard for to believe.

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Facebook even tracks your call logs like to whom your calling and how many times you are calling and duration of the calls made whether it’s icoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls or any kind of calls. They keep track of your every single call from the day you have installed facebook app and given the pernission to these things.

Here is the detailed video about facebook tracking watch this video and know how facebook tracks you and how you acn stop creepy facebook tracking. If you like this post you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel. See how facebook tracks you.


How To Stop Facebook Tracking?

If you want to stop creepy facebook tracking then here are some tips to follow to stop facebook tracking-

  • If it’s possible for you then don’t install the Facebook App or Facebook Messanger in your smartphone, instead use facebook in your mobile or desktop browser.
  • If you install facebook then make sure you are not giving facebook unnecessary permissions such as permission of microphone, permission of contacts, phone permission, SMS permission and so on and it will be for better to log out facebook when you are not using it.
  • Disable all the third party cookies whichever browser you are using and go in your browser setting if you are using Firefox or Chrome and turn on do not tracks request.

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